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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday 4/11

This is going even faster than predicted, the first layer of primer went on today, which I think was a little premature because there are some mudded areas that could be smoother. Ive already reached out to the PM's sub since he's on vaca--I was told that this is the guy who trained my PM so we shall see.


  1. Definitely taking shape, you are right things move slow at the beginning and then they take off.Its going to be interesting to see everyones final results.

  2. Did you do a reverse floor plan, too, or am I more confused than I realize? It looks great!

    1. Lol yes it is revered. They recommended it because of how the house looks as you approach and after seeing it we agree.

  3. CRAZY!
    When you are removed the the emotional roller coaster, it's crazy how fast it seems to go. Seems just the other day some random guy was emailing me directly.
    It looks great.