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Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY Custom Window Valances

The model here has some nice cornices and we took advantage of that idea for our master. We've been breezing through projects and always forget to take pictures and document, but did remember with this one.

All you really need is a a sheet of 1/2" plywood (or assorted pieces of pine but it may cost more), some brackets, staple gun, hammer, screws, screwdriver, quilt batting, fabric and a saw of some type.

The windows here in VA are 35" x 60", and we've found that an extra 2" on the width and a 12" height (mounted 6" above the window) gives us the look were into. One of the walls has a cluster of two so we will create a valance doubled in size to cover both.

Things you'll need for each single window...
  • (1) 37" x 12" piece for front or 1'x12"x8' pine (good for 2 windows)
  • (2) 3" x 12" for the sides or 1'x4"x8' pine (good for sides and top)
  • (1) 3" x 36" for the top
  • (3) 1" L-brackets
  • (2) 2" L-brackets
  • (2) corner brackets
  • 1/2" wood screws
Depending on the quality/source of the fabric it should run about $25/window

Place the brackets as shown and assemble, make sure youre holding whichever seam you are working on and watch for shifting closely before you attach the screws.

Quilt Batting 36X45 - you can get enough for 2 windows from this pack, it does stretch a little so its easy to force a fit

Place 4" from a corner to be sure you have enough to wrap around the sides and to the back edges

On the long sides, keep your staples around 2" apart or you will see buckles and lumps and stretch as you go.

Same goes for the fabric. We bought a 21-piece bedding set that came with curtains & bed skirt. We will be using neither and have re-purposed the skirt for the valances.

Use the 2" L-brackets to mount the valance to the wall, resting the top side against the brackets.

Voila! Were still working on the master so better pics to follow