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Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday 4/23

The electricians have completed their trim work, all lights installed, appliances installed, tankless water heater, sidewalk & walkway framed for concrete

Tankless Water Heater, comes default with spa tub in master
Wall mounted TV for dual morning room/kitchen use
Dining Room


  1. Coming along great,we are about at the same place in construction. Closing date tenative for May 8 2012

  2. Great spot for a wall-mounted TV!

  3. Steve was the tankless water heater an option for you thru Ryan....or something you opted for yourself?....I have debated quite a bit in our house we just sold about a tankless water heater back in 2009 when the old one needed replaced

    1. When you upgrade your master bath to a large tub, they throw that in automatically to keep the EnergyStar rating. They also have recently changed the furnace to a very high efficiency model as well. The compressor they installed outside is by a company called Comfortmaker, the energy rating on it is a 13, with 10.9 being the lowest.

  4. I like the wall mounting for the TV in the morning room. We have have that configuration in our current home. It is great, because we can turn the TV to watch from the morning room or kitchen (while doing dishes).