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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Basement 2.0

Took us about 6 mos to get this room together and weve dropped peeks here and there but finally its 95% done, the last item is the full bath down here that is getting some love right now. And yes, we are earth tone lovers :-)

First step was the media area for the big screen, we fused 3 stands together to take up as much of this 14' wall as we could and still look decent. 

With the TV on it, the stands appear as a single unit which is what we were hoping for.  Believe it or not its actually an 80" but still gets peculiarly eaten up by this wall. If we decide to stay here long term we may upgrade this to a projection system for a larger picture.

Added some wall art and wall-to-wall black curtains to frame the space. Its a very effective technique to remove distractions to help focus on the screen. tried the speakers on the shelves, left too much nothing space on the sides which a tree couldve hidden but that look didnt work for us.

Lamps and vases up

Love these very unique lamps and glass sculptures from Italy. Home Goods!

All tied together. On the left shelf are two 400 dvd/blu-ray jukeboxes that hold all of the movies that went into the wall art, the newer movies are all on a digital box so we can stream those to any room. Rope lighting on the bottom shelves adds a great feel.

Wide view with custom made table, wall art, basket with pillows, game chairs and the perfect sectional to square out the space.

recliners with massage....ahhhhhh

Custom framed artwork with focus lighting on dimmer

Added 4 rear speakers on the entire wall with their own source and volume controls. They can either be the surround speakers for this floor or play the music from the family room!

full view of the 2nd area with custom bar and lighting all on separate dimmers, rope light ambiance lighting in the mirror on its own switch, with the lights dim it feels great

Behind bottles stone accent added

lighting and speaker controls. If youre looking to add this many switches, 5-gang boxes & plates are only available from an electrical supply