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Friday, March 30, 2012

Pre-drywall Update

We were supposed to be insulated tomorrow for a pre-drywall on monday, but framing, electrical and hvac failed inspection, so that pushes it to wed.  Framing failed for some joist support that was missing, electrical for the metal plates not being on all studs with wires going through them, and hvac for a duct being held too tightly with a vinyl band which made a small kink in the side.

Framing Pics
Special Requests

The electrician came through on some requested items
- extra island outlet - Thanks to Sgt Rich
- garage outdoor lights turned on and off with the front porch light - Thanks RavennaRanter
- extra upper hall light switch near bedroom #2 (really needed this)
- interior garage light switch turned inside the house into the mud room

Dryer vent raised 4' off of floor - Thanks Sgt Rich
Separate outlets in garage for Irrigation, tankless water heater and extra
Extra PVC tube run from Attic to basement for future cable runs - Thanks Sgt Rich

Living Room
Custom Art Niche

Monday, March 26, 2012

The swamp goes on a diet

Had the pre-wire meeting today and was pleasantly surprised to see that the basement had been drained. The power cable was sticking out of the hole, so I assume that they ran power from the house next door (unoccupied) so that the pump could do its job.

Now able to walk in the basement again, I was able to see all of the cement that they splattered on the egress window...guess we'll be getting a new one of those :-)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The swamp thickens...

OK so today we walked into this...It had rained last night and we were welcomed with 2" worth of water in the basement. After our WTF moment, we reached out to the SR for some insight. He says that nearly all basements will retain some water and that since we have no power yet and the sump isnt on, there is no remedy until wiring is done and power is on. He also said that they wont even finish the basement until drainage is working properly to ensure no damage to the drywall...

Friday, March 23, 2012


Not sure why this section of roof was left unshingled, it is the same on the opposite side

duct work/plumbing now in progress...we do have various pictures but theyre all pretty boring. If anyone is interested in them will post.

However, one pic will make it up. We had requested the dryer vent be raised 4' up the wall...and here it is...

Hmmm, if thats 4', Im Santa Claus...emailed to PM

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Phase II: Framing


Kitchen though to Mudroom/Home Office/Powder Room
Morning Room
Morning Room

Family Room

Dining Room - Left / Living Room - Right / Oak Staircase

Bonus Room through to Master

Basement - Finished Area with 1/2" worth of rain water.
If we had a roof at the time I'd be killing someone, but this is all from a storm
that occurred while it was just plywood

Basement - Unfinished Storage Area

3pc. Bathroom (left) , door to utility room (right)

Future workshop location (unfinished)