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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Deck 3.0

Did this last year and never got around to posting. This fun project took a couple of months, there really wasn't any rush so it felt good to really strategize the layout.

There was already a 12x12 deck off of the morning room and this was about doubling it and adding a paver patio with fire pit to round out the experience.

The progress...

Post hole digging, always a delight

After the foundation was down and leveled, added the additional flooring material and started re-purposing the old handrail (the red color).

Going with a modern slatted style for the rails so the old style balusters were removed.

Widened the original stairs

Some guy had the dumb idea to build a pergola that spanned 22 feet, thanks Steve :)

You can see the beginning of the privacy wall in the background.

Pergola frame, 8" galvanized bolts were used to securely attach the posts to the house. 6" were used to join them at the ends

I found this pergola joist design on the net, ended up adding real stability as the notches runs up directly to the upper support beams.

This is the slat design for the railings and privacy wall, 6" & 4", I have seen variations that go 6" and 2" as well for an interesting look

The dark posts add a nice contrast

Almost done. Cutting and measuring all these was very tedious.

New seating test run

Accent color on its way. Behr Cedar

My first stab at outdoor electrical worked out really well

Going for a bit of an oasis feel, I ran curtain rods along both support beams and a pipe in the center to hold the outdoor curtain barrier. I used 5 sections of two curtains each, joined in the center with a loop to ride the center pipe.

White shear curtains on the perimeter which can close for further privacy.

Some digital entertainment and patio lights run around the perimeter.

Bluetooth outdoor speakers

Inside, the gap in the center has been resolved

Added a matching barrier to hide the gas meter & HVAC, stained to match

Chose green as the accent.

The blue tarp is just covering a temp table

So fancy :)

Paver patio location. I called professionals to do this one as the labor involved in intense.


Found this fire pit on clearance, it even has the slatted design

Quarter turn sitting wall complete