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Friday, April 6, 2012

Shopping List

With only a little more than a month to go I've been spending lots of time planning all of the things we need to get and playing with the numbers. Were nearly doubling the size of our house, so there is lots to buy/upgrade which means probably no real vacation until 2013--but it will all be worth it! If all goes well, we should close nearly 6 weeks before we need to move, so that will give us plenty of time to get some basics delivered.

We (really means "I") plan on a traditional/comfy motif with a contemporary flair on the first floor & master and more of a minimalistic theme for the kids & basement.

So here is the list as it looks now...

If you have difficulty visualizing your areas to start virtual shopping definitely check out the tool we found, this made it so much easier! 

Weve decided on a GE French Door (GFSF6KKYBB), my MIL has one and I really like all of the features and its 26 cubic feet. From what I understand this is the first model to be made in the US this year by GE.

Family Room


Formal Living Room

The pillows will be replaced with burgundy button ones and these will be going to the master where they will fit in better

We (I) love burgundy accents!

For the mantle - vintage from the 40's found at a side of road vendor

Still Looking for: 

Dining Room
Were keeping our current table/buffet and are buying new chairs from Garden Ridge. For those that don't know about that store, its like a factory wholesale warehouse for EVERYTHING home related except appliances.

guess which color I like :)

Console Table
Landed these from Etsy:


King Set, I love this headboard but its been out of stock for weeks, and at $249 you cant beat it. If anyone trips across a tufted leather(ish) or fabric for a reasonable price <$400 please let me know!

Think were rolling with these from Overstock:
We like the Aristo Collection
La-z-boy Chair
Floor standing mirror
Console Table

We are going to fill the 3 other bedrooms, bonus room/office & part of the basement with items from Ikea, some of which we have already and can re-purpose. We can get the most value for our money from there and we do like the contemporary styling of their pieces as well as their being very functional and space saving, the only caveat is its all RTA (assembly required), but the savings from there can be put towards more decorating :-).

Bonus Room:
We're going to use this room as a dual office for both of us as well as use the nook as a craft area for me for sewing, etc. We had ceiling speakers put in so we could enjoy nice sounding music from the family room not coming from computer speakers.

Will update when I have more inspiration :)


  1. Love the furniture. When I lived in Austin we could drive to a Garden Ridge Pottery somewhere on the way to San Antonio. Is this the same thing? It's been too many years to remember much, except it was huge and wonderful.

    I love too many of your selections to list - great job choosing!

    We moved in February and we are still waiting for furniture to be delivered. I honestly think we are looking at Mid-May!

    1. Thanks Tammi! I dont think this is the same Garden Ridge unless they majorly expanded from just pottery, they have furniture, glassware, outdoor everything, rugs, kitchen blah blah, its like home depot for women. I checked and you have a couple there.


      3599 Park Mill Run Drive
      Hilliard, OH 43026
      (614) 529-6990

      11925 Commons Drive
      Springdale, OH 45246
      (513) 275-1158

  2. Wow! You are on the ball, girl! I like all of your choices! We decided on a french door fridge too. Joss & Main frequently offers upholstered Headboards. Check out the web page, I'd be happy to send you an invite to join if you are interested!

    1. LOL thank you! Fantasy shopping is the best! Im pretty sure Im signed up to them but havent seen a newsletter in a while, maybe its going to my spam, Ill check and keep a lookout, good idea! Ive seen plenty of options but its either not quite right or too expensive. Im not trying to spend over $500 which is what I keep seeing...the search continues...something in the chocolate/pecan palette.

  3. Love your choices! I wish I could visualize better, but I am waiting until we move to buy new furniture. Our old house was sort of just a mini-version of our new one, so we have furniture for most of the rooms -- it is just a matter of how it will all fit. Once I see it, I plan to shop til I drop! (Although I have been searching and getting ideas like crazy-- gotta love pinterest!)

  4. Great choices!! Everything looks beautiful! You are on top of it. We have gone to two furniture stores and I wasn't overly excited about anything. What I would like to do is draw out our rooms on graph paper and play with different furniture combinations. I'm such a visual person, I need to see it first. It's great that you can take time with the move, we are not under any tight time constraints either. We'll both be moving in before we know it!

    1. I have a solution for you, forget about the graph paper and check out the tool we found for visualizing your decor, this made it so much easier!


  5. I love french-door refrigerators and I can't wait to have one in my new home! I don't usually like black appliances but that is one sexy-looking fridge!

    1. We went back and forth with stainless or not and being that we have a brood of kids & teens I decided I didnt want the maintenance of constantly cleaning it since I knew no one else would be pitching in, we have stainless now and...ladies you know what I mean.

      My MIL has the exact same model in Samsung (they made most GE models until recently) and stainless and its a fingerprint magnet. So Im trying my luck and the black appliances play well with our countertops which were just delivered today :)