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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Honey-do and do and do...

Well its been 5 days since we've closed and we have been running non-stop moving and arranging and installing, and SHOPPING! Were nearly completely unpacked, but school is still in session for another 2 weeks so were running back and forth and still left some minimal vitals in the old house to keep things running. Refrigerator is coming today and here are this weekend's goodies. --Ericka

Converted one of the recessed to a hanging fixture and added a pendant for the island, love it!

Started jazzing up the "mudroom/hall". This wall is only 28" so there wasnt enough room for a full traditional shelf/bench entryway setup, but this will suit our needs fine.

Found this cool new digital peephole with a lcd screen!

Push the button and you get this!

Had loads of fun getting this La-Z-Boy present from my MIL up to the master bedroom...I was a good supervisor on that one :)

Wall mounted surround speakers in the basement, this is some of the wiring we had hidden before the drywall went up :)

Hall bathroom motion switch that auto turns on/off the light AND fan upon entry/exit, because its always one or the other that never gets turned off.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

More kitchen fun

Ethernet, Wall mounted speakers & some extra video lines added...check

Had a very productive day unpacking some things, hanging some things, and buying more things!
We are in the middle of updating the outlets in the kitchen to an almond color because the standard white is too much of a contrast against the backsplash.

Hung a couple of tv mounts and hubby surprised me with this...

Thanks to Sgt. Rich's find, the Rev-a-shelf pot & pan holder will make managing those so much easier! He also relocated the pull out shelf he removed for this to the island, woohoo!

Updated the island outlets to black...much better!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bon Appetit!

We've nearly moved all of the things that arent too cumbersome to do ourselves in the past couple of days, there isnt much left for the movers except a few large items (washer/dryer, grill, etc).

Say hello to the newest member of the decor family...

I was afraid hubby was going to crack the tile while drilling the holes to hang my favorite kitchen item, second only to my Keurig :-)  But he never does anything without research, and it turned out great, yay!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

3...2...1...Happy New House!

We have Closed!

We closed on Wednesday, it was fairly painless and took about an hour.

Now it really gets interesting as we figure out just what to do with all of this extra room. We've nearly doubled the size of our house so there is lots to do. But of course who could wait during such an exciting time, so right after we closed shopping began (or should I say continued) drum roll please....the first purchase to enter the house.

Verizon and exterminator this friday, frig on tuesday and 2" plantation wood blinds next fri...how sweet it is! --Ericka

Friday, May 18, 2012

Gimmie a 4!

Met with the PM today for a "pre-walkthrough" walkthrough (official one on Monday) and we both walked the house and taped everything we saw and he is having his people work fri & sat to knock out those things

- The last drywall/paint touchup is on Monday
- Microwave door & range surface getting replaced, there is some standing water in the dishwasher like it didnt drain after the test cycle, when the GE guy comes to repair the other pieces he is having him handle that as well
- A few of the floor boards were cut a little short so there is about 1/16" gap in between some boards and instead of just filling the gaps he is having the boards replaced. Score!
- The master tub tile is being redone and cut a little differently so that the angle isnt as drastic, score!
- Our HVAC blower is so loud, you can barely have a conversation where the intakes are installed in the LR & Basement so he is having them install some sort of loop with flexible tubing to lower the velocity of the air which will quiet it down
- the trim guys are coming back to add some quarter round molding in a few places to hide some gaps.
- the carpet needs to be stretched more towards the fireplace hearth as you can see about 1/4" gap

 As of yesterday...

Glad to see how the landscaping takes attention away from the extended handrail

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gimmie a 5!

So begins the 5-day countdown until we close, its been such an interesting ride, some good days, some bad days, and a lot of impatient days, but we've ended up with a house that we're really excited about and met some great people. Shopping is already in progress and luckily we have plenty of time to get the place ready before we officially move with things like 2" wood blinds, frig, a little painting, and some customizing here and there.

To everyone in the middle of the process we wish you the best of luck, visit as often as you can, take many pictures, ask many questions, & read all the blogs for tips, tricks and to manage expectations.

As of yesterday...

Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Raining Hay

They installed our front handrails today, seeded the entire lot temporarily because there appears to be a sod shortage, and they wont pass environmental inspection without something on the ground. The sod farm is working on a new shipment but it might take a few weeks.

The punch out guys were working and we made a great new connection that will be installing our crown molding on the first floor and chair rail in the dining room after closing for $500!
Super Score! We were going to do it ourselves, but cant beat that price for convenience.

In some not so great news there is some bleach like chemical stain on the carpet in the master bedroom, the cleaning crew scratched the glossy black surface on the microwave and the marble bathroom countertops, dented the stove, and our cabinet crown molding strips were made from two different batches and mitered together, it really doesnt look professional at all, AND the master tub wasnt secured properly and now it has play if you push on the side of it which has now cracked the grout and caulk lines, so as it turns out we will probably be getting a new tile job which is exactly what we wanted anyway so...score again!

The PM is on the case and is handling everything, he has ordered a new piece of crown for the cabinets, has ordered a new microwave door and range surface and is having the bathroom countertops resurfaced and buffed. We dont know what the verdict is on the carpet and tub yet...

I dont know what that utility work on the side of the house is going to look like when its all done, but Ive already started searching for bushes to hide it all

Friday, May 11, 2012

X marks the spot!

Not many updates worth mentioning today but I have to say that were totally impressed by the attention to detail for the touch-up step.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday 5/10

Brick update completed and lots of painters both inside & outside today.

The PM did a great job being proactive about the brickwork and oak staircase issues, were still tossing around what to do about the slanted tile around the tub...also we found a dent in the top of the stove today, ugh.

Looking MUCH better

finally got upstairs to see the rest of the stairs

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mystery Solved

As a follow-up to our stair debacle, we got the 411 on how they handled the change which took it from this...

to this!

Great stain color match with the floor

apparently all they did was hammer off the treads from the old staircase and replace them with the ones from the new staircase, no structural changes were made. The same guys were painting the walls and trim, Ill have to inspect tomorrow to see how good of a job they did.

Now we just need to solve the brick mystery...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Carpet, Stairs & Brick, Oh No!

Sprinkler heads are in (should have sod tomorrow), carpet installed, staircase update, drywall work (with compound dropped on the carpet--breathe...breathe) & and a brick oops

this is what our staircase ended up looking like after 10 weeks of contractor traffic, for some reason they took off the protective covering and we alerted the PM right away and he said dont worry about it they will sand it and it will look brand new and those drips on the risers are glue from the manufacturer, I guess he wasn't expecting it to get this bad.

and today we found this laying in the garage, not sure how theyre going to do this but...score!

We just noticed this as we were walking around the house, the black line represents the first course of brick when they did the foundation, the red line shows the angle of the next course done weeks later, there is about 5/8" difference which is too much for us to ignore. The PM said hes on it.