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Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY Decorative Wall Boxes

We've gotten a few private messages about the wall boxes showing in our last project update about the Custom Window Valances and decided to throw a quickie tutorial together.

The ones we have are 20" square, to make 3 of them you will need 3 pieces of 1x2x8' pine that run a few dollars each. Being that we wanted 2 alternating colors, we bought 1 yard of the blue and 1 yd of the brown. If the fabric roll is at least 48" long, you can get 2 of them out of one yard at the size we wanted.

You will need:
(3) 1x2x8' pine pieces
Box of 2" brad/finishing nails
Quilt Batting (optional, but will create a smoother surface)
Staple Gun

Total cost per box depending on source/quality of fabric: $5-10

Cut your wood pieces to size, needing 4 pieces per box at 20" each.

Being that we're doing this tutorial after the fact, we are missing a couple of photos of the steps but inserted graphic examples or related pictures to help you along. Check out the Valances post for more insight.

Assemble them with your nails in a roundabout joint with one piece overlapping the other and continue overlapping as you go around. This will help you get a perfect square without mitering the corners.

Lay the frame on your uncut fabric or batting and position it at least 2" from the corner of the fabric to make sure that you have enough to wrap around to the inside edges of the frame and staple. Cut the fabric only after you have the two corner edges secured.

If you did use batting, repeat the last step with your fabric.

We spaced them with 4" between each piece so to center on whichever wall youre using compute xx to be the remainder of inches divided by 2:

|  xx...20 - 4 - 20 - 4 - 20...xx   |