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Friday, February 6, 2015

DIY Cabinet Paper Towel Dispenser (Folded) - Repost

Since its that time of year again this seems appropriate :)

Just getting over flu season, some inspiration hit with regards to hygiene and towels in the bathroom. With multiple people using the same hand towel after "washing" their hands, that cotton towel might as well be a petri dish.

This was actually a test just to see which version would function the best, folded paper towels like those in a commercial bathroom ($22) or a paper towel roll ($15).

After some testing of the this method, we will report the results and then try a roll mount.
These drawer fronts can be replaced for about $16 if you change your mind.

Time: 1 hour
Cost: $22
Difficulty: Easy

Tools Needed:
Drill with 1/4" bit
Router with 1/4" straight bit or a friendly carpenter
3/4" wood screws

Materials Needed:
Folded Towels (we tested with Kleenex Hand Towels) but if this method is the winner a bulk costco purchase will be more economical
Rev-A-Shelf Pull Out brackets/trays

Pop off the fake panel, use steady pressure on one side at a time, the other side should be easier.

Pick up a 14" pull out tray

The shelf will be mounted inside the opening.

Mount the tray inside with the 3/4" screws

Crack open the box and remove the towels

Place the towels in the center of the drawer front and mark dots in the center on both sides, and connect the dots with a line

If you have a router, drill some pilot holes, setup your guides and create a mortise slot. Or you could find a carpenter/wood shop who can do this for you in five minutes.

Optionally install the pivot hinges from the tray which will make loading the towels a bit easier, pop the door back on and thread the towels.

Will update on usability soon...

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