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Thursday, January 22, 2015

DIY Custom Recessed Artwork Frame

Not much needed to introduce this project. Ordered some really cool printed canvases that we needed to have framed. The cost for the local craft store to do it was ridiculous. So after looking at some frames, I decided to take a poke at creating that recessed look and it was pretty simple and only took a few hours to complete all 3. Can you tell we're wine people?

This is what we want to end up with. The prep steps are to build a square with some 2x2 strips of pine and wrap your canvas, securing with staples.


To build your frames you will need to measure about 3/4" beyond the width of the canvas to create a nice buffer space, as show below. Measure. Miter and assemble your frame.

You will want a good sturdy material for backing, I chose Masonite, but any type of fiberboard will be fine.

Attach the backing board to your frame.
I chose a Satin Black. I like the outdoor furniture paint because its coverage and hiding qualities are great. Spray a few inches inside the backer because it will be visible from the front.


  1. Love this idea... I have some wedding photo canvases that I never got around to doing anything with. How did you attach the canvas to the backing?

    1. Hey Colette. Those were glued at first which made sure it was easy to center position and then pin nailed from the back after dry. Youre going to need good wall support when you put these in because theyre much heavier than normal frames, so have some good hooks available. Some little felt cushions wouldnt hurt either.