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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Media Room / Man Cave / Home Theater DVD Re-purposed Artwork

Hello all, after a year long DIY hiatus and some much needed down time from life in general, I'm back on the scene with a bunch of sleeper projects and some decor updates. Yes, I've seen that some of the pictures on older posts have been corrupted, Ill be attempting to get those sorted as time allows. Contact me if you need any before I get around to it.

Over the years Im sure we've all collected a bunch of DVDs and their respective boxes and have displayed (or hidden) them in one way or another. In recent years Ive been gearing up for an all digital media library server. So basically from any TV on my home network I can stream movies/music/photos that Ive uploaded onto the server.

For all of the DVDs that Ive purchased in the past, I found a multi-disc jukebox from Sony that can literally store hundreds of discs in one machine...its a blessing. So after loading the player with all of my movies, I was looking at all of the empty boxes and had a great idea to display them in the basement where the newly developed entertainment area (which will be unveiled shortly) is coming together.

And tah-dah

A 24" x 36" frame from anywhere is the exact dimensions which allow you to showcase a 5x5 grid of dvd inserts/covers for a very nice media area piece of artwork. They can be attached with a glue stick or spray adhesive. People love it and actually stare at it for like 15 min reading all of the covers.

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