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Monday, March 26, 2012

The swamp goes on a diet

Had the pre-wire meeting today and was pleasantly surprised to see that the basement had been drained. The power cable was sticking out of the hole, so I assume that they ran power from the house next door (unoccupied) so that the pump could do its job.

Now able to walk in the basement again, I was able to see all of the cement that they splattered on the egress window...guess we'll be getting a new one of those :-)


  1. Glad to see the swamp has receded! What has your PM said about this? Will they replace any of the wood or will they just wait to make sure the wood is completely dry before finishing? Our basement is being poured today and framed tomorrow, so I'm praying for no rain!

    1. The official response from the PM was:

      "We shouldn't have the water issue once the plumbers get the back-up sump pump installed and once we have power to the house the normal pump will be operable. That water came from the sump pump crock located in your unfinished area. I already have Servepro (water damage experts) scheduled to do a moisture check in your basement later this week but it's just as a precaution. Also, the bottom plates of all your basement walls are pressure treated lumber for that very purpose. There is a vapor barrier installed under your concrete slab as well"

      This is why we really appreciate this guy, top notch, proactive service.

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