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Friday, June 22, 2012


Its great to be back on the scene, its been a whirlwind of activity--graduations, unpacking, cleaning, shopping, we even had two furniture deliveries where the items were damaged in shipping and so we had to re-order. We wont be driving to DC/Ikea for a few weeks and cant get fully into decorating until the house is fully furnished so...
We just had our 30-day inspection and it turned out to be pretty minor. We had already touched up the walls from moving, the list is basically:

- Move one irrigation head. We cut a rounded plot around the lamp post for bushes and had the head that was at that location moved over.
- install 3 ceiling fans
- one door isnt closing without real effort
- one burner on the gas range is low
- some seams in the garage are coming loose
- a few cabinet doors were misaligned
- repaint front door
- weather stripping @ front door is damaged

which is all being done this coming Monday.

Some bonuses...
- had the concrete company cut the joints of one of the slabs in the walkway to the front door so that we could bury the gutter drain pipe under the walkway and into the grass so it would stop pooling water in the mulch
- had the sump pump drain pipe connected to the sewer drain which is luckily right in front of our lot since the water was pooling at the sidewalk.
- concrete company is pouring the side door walkway for $600, we want a curved path so to be sure its how we want it, we will create the shape in the sod ourselves and they will make the forms and pour.
- deck is being extended another 8 feet to the end of the house for $500
- irrigation company is installing 10 heads and adding 2 zones in the backyard for $1000 (from what we understand is a great value) and we will put down sod next spring.
- crown  molding being done on the entire first floor for $500

For everyone who gets a fireplace...for some reason this info never made it to us until after the fact. the chemical that they coat the logs with needs time to burn off (about 4-6 hours) and will smell kind of foul and will smoke the house. I spoke directly to the fireplace guy and he said to open the windows, leave the house and let it run. He said it will automatically turn itself off after a set amount of hours for safety. Definitely do this before the winter or tell your PM to make sure it happens before you move in if youre closing in the fall.

Still a long way to go (and were in no hurry) but here are some assorted pics...while we wait on loads of furniture.

This is the 19" TV between the morning room and the kitchen on an articulating mount and this turned out to be a great choice for placement, its out of the way, convenient, and can be used by both rooms very easily

Built a dirty clothes pull out basket area in the laundry room nook, its turned out to be very helpful, Details here.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A cold reception & shady situation

The cold reception was the delivery of our new refrigerator and our 2" plantation shades were installed...yay!

Weve been tweaking each room with some old stuff and some new stuff and will be revealing as we get further along. Still waiting for a bunch of furniture that is on order so we will be slumming it for a short while.

Found an amazing deal for $50 per window installed with a lifetime warranty, that is unbeatable! My mom is going to help me make some custom valances, cant wait! --Ericka