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Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Raining Hay

They installed our front handrails today, seeded the entire lot temporarily because there appears to be a sod shortage, and they wont pass environmental inspection without something on the ground. The sod farm is working on a new shipment but it might take a few weeks.

The punch out guys were working and we made a great new connection that will be installing our crown molding on the first floor and chair rail in the dining room after closing for $500!
Super Score! We were going to do it ourselves, but cant beat that price for convenience.

In some not so great news there is some bleach like chemical stain on the carpet in the master bedroom, the cleaning crew scratched the glossy black surface on the microwave and the marble bathroom countertops, dented the stove, and our cabinet crown molding strips were made from two different batches and mitered together, it really doesnt look professional at all, AND the master tub wasnt secured properly and now it has play if you push on the side of it which has now cracked the grout and caulk lines, so as it turns out we will probably be getting a new tile job which is exactly what we wanted anyway so...score again!

The PM is on the case and is handling everything, he has ordered a new piece of crown for the cabinets, has ordered a new microwave door and range surface and is having the bathroom countertops resurfaced and buffed. We dont know what the verdict is on the carpet and tub yet...

I dont know what that utility work on the side of the house is going to look like when its all done, but Ive already started searching for bushes to hide it all


  1. Reminds of my first house. After closing, maybe a few days later, I found a dent in the stainless steel oven door. The builder said I must have done it on move-in. It was one of those dents you only see when the light is just right. I actually got the door replaced free by the builder because I was able to look back pictures pre-closing and spot the dent. So taking all these pictures can pay off when you need to look something back.

    1. Excellent, I am going to take detailed pictures specifically of each appliance before we take possession for this reason.

  2. Your house is gorgeous! I love the elevation the two of you have chosen. What color is your trim and siding? I am still working on my exterior colors and I like the colors you have chosen. We picked a partial stone veneer front and I have been searching for the perfect color.

  3. Crown molding for all the first floor rooms at $500? If that is the case that is a good deal!